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Cold Water Automatic Touchless Chrome Sensor Sink Tap (TP0105)

June 22nd, 2011
* Touch free: the water flushes automatically when your hands access
* Water temperature adjustable
* Hygienic:without touching,bacteria mutual infections can be avoided
* Sensing range adjustable:12 – 18cm adjustable distance according to requirements
* AC and DC dual choice: can be chosen by exchanging battery box and power box
* Save electricity:the faucet can run for two years with four AA alkaline batteries
* Anti-disturbance ability:anti high-frequency signal and glare disturbance
* Brass body with the temperature handle besides.It is a mixer,the cold water in the left turning,the hot water in right turning
* Dimension: 20(Height)*5.5(Width)*12(Length)
* Engineered for a lifetime of use
* Single-hole configuration
* CE;EMC;LFGB;ROHS&ISO9001:2000 Certification

Cold Water Automatic Touchless Chrome Sensor Sink Tap (TP0105)


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Sensor taps theory, applications and common fault

April 15th, 2011

First, sensor tap works:

By the infrared sensor taps reflection principle, when the body of the hand on the faucet in the infrared region, infrared emission control for infrared Picks of the human hand to block reflection infrared receiver tube, the microcomputer integrated circuit after the signal sent to the pulse solenoid valve, solenoid valve signal received by the specified command to open valve to control the tap water; when the body left the hands of the scope of the infrared sensor, solenoid valve not receiving signal, the solenoid valve spool is reset by an internal spring to control the tap The off the water.

Second, sensor taps life applications:

As the body without direct contact sensor taps, which can effectively prevent bacterial cross-infection; reach out to incoming water, leave to turn off the feature, effectively more than 30% water saving, especially for areas of serious water shortage. Universal application of the current sensor taps flow of people-intensive train and bus stations, airports, hospitals and other public places.

Third, sensor taps common faults:

1, there are sensors (light on) no water: open the solenoid valve for cleaning house, and then stood back in hand sensors, if the solenoid valve spool not working (opening and opening and closing) of the voice, to replace the solenoid valve coil

2, no induction (light is not lit) regular water: Check the power supply is normal, if normal power supply, hand sensors, the indicator does not light, replace the sensor probe.

3, sensor taps with sensor (indicator light) often flow: First, check whether there are impurities in water at the blockage, if not, upon induction by hand, carefully listening to the solenoid valve spool is working (with the sound on and off, if there work, the internal solenoid valve to open for cleaning, and as is loaded back.

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